The LO-KEY MultiRenderer (LMR) plug-in is designed to allow C4D users the ability to render multiple scenes with more options then offered by batch rendering, before the release of R12. Setup all your C4D scenes to have the correct camera and render settings set as the default in order to use the batch renderer, then let this plug-in help you. The plug-in allows users to render up to 10 different C4D documents and provides the ability to choose which camera and render setting will be used when each document is rendered.


  • Render up to 10 documents.
  • Render from any of the cameras or render settings in the each of the selected documents.
  • Preview each document being rendered while working on your current project.
  • Preview window indicates - percent zoomed, percent complete, size of render, and time elapsed.
  • Total render time for each file is displayed in the console (Shift + f10) once completed.

To purchase the LMR plug-in please visit the Purchase page. >> MORE INFO

To download the LMR plug-in for evaluation or full use, please visit the Download page. >> MORE INFO

Available for C4D R10 - R11