Do you need to share your C4D files with a client or partner without sharing all of your design details? Well then, give the FileLock plug-in a try. Now it is possible to protect your design information. This plug-in allows you to lockout others from viewing design details that exist in the C4D object manager, while allowing them to view the objects in the viewport but not selecting them. Content can still be added to a locked scene in order to allow for collaboration between teammates, co-workers, clients, and partners.

Lock your file and generate passwords for yourself and clients. This provides an additional layer of security to your C4D projects. Only the objects that exist at the time of locking will be locked. The locked objects will be hidden from the viewport and object manager if no password is provided. The file will be locked until the owner unlocks it.

There is also an option for a reduced level of protection, which lets clients see the locked objects in the view port and select visible items when clicking on them in the viewport. This can be used to prevent exact replication of your work or when you need to allow the client to manipulate the locked objects minimally. However, if security is your main goal and you still need to allow clients to manipulate your objects, then it is recommended to use user data controllers and make them visible always in the HUD.


  • Provides an additional layer of security to your C4D scene.
  • Prevents locked objects from being scene in the object manager.
  • Limits access to the object manager attributes for hidden items.
  • Generates passwords for clients and one for owners.
  • Allows clients to add content and manipulate the locked file.
  • Increases workflow by removing the need to simplify a scene before sharing it with others.

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Available for C4D R12 - R14