• HARVESTER UPDATE Harvester HARVESTER UPDATE You can now enjoy all of the time saving features of the Harvester plug-in in C4D R15 - R21. Try this plug-in, and avoid recreating animation for like or similar rigs. We added a new function to transfer animation between characters with different hierarchies. >> MORE INFO
  • AIT PLUGIN UPDATE AIT AIT PLUGIN UPDATE Make your animation more fluid or just align each keys tangents the way you like but more efficiently with the Auto Inline Tangents plug-in. Now C4D users that have R15 to R21 can use this time saving plug-in. Windows and MAC versions are available. >> MORE INFO

    We have significantlly reduced the price of the WCP plugin! Let the Walk Cycle Producer plug-in help you create and share walk cycles for biped and quadruped characters. This plug-in is available for R15 to R21. >> MORE INFO
  • WCP TUTORIALS WCP TUTORIALS WCP TUTORIALS Check out the new tutorials for the Walk Cycle Producer. The series of tutorials cover instructions for configuring the plug-in, examples of how to use the plug-in, and detailed explanation of the interface. >> MORE INFO
  • Requests Requests Requests Have an idea that you would like to see implemented in Cinema 4D? Great, let us know. We enjoy providing solutions to our customers needs. Send us your requests and/or suggestions. >> MORE INFO

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We are a small team that have been providing C4D users plug-ins for 13 years. Our goal is to develop reliable products, and we will work with our customers to provide support in a responsive manner. Our vision is to develop and support 3D projects with innovative and high quality services, support, and material. We welcome suggestions, comments, and criticism from all. It is important for us to work with and listen to the needs of our customers and partners, and to continue to strive for excellence.


We would like to make sure that we send out a special thank you to Clement from WIPIX! Check out his site to see examples of his creations. Once there you will find some very impressive work created by an extremely talented artist/animator. >> Visit WIPIX

We would also like to mention that if you have any older version of our plugins and want to get them to work in your current version of C4D, then go to INSYDIUM LTD and check out their bridge plugin. >> Visit INSYDIUM LTD


Your time is valuable and it is our goal to try and help you use it as efficiently as possible through the use of a dependable set of tools. We design reliable C4D plug-ins to improve workflow efficiency and/or to provide our customers with functionality not offered by the version of Cinema 4D that they use to produce their artwork. Our plug-ins allow our customers to invest more time in the creative process by reducing time spent performing repetitive tasks.

Maxon has provided us with a powerful tool set in Cinema 4D; however, sometimes you may find that you need a customized tool. If you have an idea for a feature you would like to see implemented in C4D, then make a request for a new plug-in that gives you the functionality you need. >> MORE INFO


  • Increasing fluidity of animation with dynamic F-Curve manipulation.
  • Saving, loading, and transferring animation to reduce workload redundancies.
  • Walk cycle generation


  • Batch rendering with the option to choose which files to use and which cameras in those files.


  • Protecting design information by allowing users to lock the details of the scene.

More requirements are list on each individual plug-in page but most of our plug-ins are supported on MAC and Windows operating systems and work with Cinema 4D versions R15 and up. For more information about any specific plug-in click on the appropriate link in the Plug-ins Menu above.

Most of our plug-ins have a demo mode to try the plug-ins or to download them click on DOWNLOADS or click on the DOWNLOADS link at the top of the page. If you have tried a plug-in out and would like to purchase it go the Purchase page and follow the instructions for purchasing a plug-in.

Our goal has always been to provide a wide variety of plug-ins that help C4D users work as efficiently as possible and easy to use. We enjoy working with our customers! Some parts of your projects can be less fun than others and we try to help you focus on the enjoyable parts by removing workflow redundancies.

Our existing plug-ins have come from both customer needs and our own. The Lo-Key Multi-renderer plug-in was the first plug-in we created, and as demand grew we began developing more complex plug-ins, such as the Harvester and Walk Cycle Producer plug-ins. We completely understand the desire to have additional functionality in your work environment, and would like to continue to provide the C4D user community with plug-ins.